Board of Directors & Staff


Interim President, GIRLPowR Inc.

Adam Johnson was born and raised in Wahoo, Nebraska and educated at the University of Nebraska Lincoln before starting his career.  Adam has worked in the insurance industry for over 12 years in a of roles ranging from National Director of Anti-Fraud Investigations to owning his own insurance agency prior to joining UNICO Group as a Commercial Risk Advisor.  As a son of 2 educators and the father to 3 girls, Adam is passionate about the mission of GIRLPowR.  Adam is a prior recipient of the Red Cross citizen of the Year award and Veterans of Foreign Wars Man of the year award.

Founder, Executive Director,

Ex-Officio Member, GIRLPowR Inc.

Julie Reager is the Founder and Executive Director for GIRLPowR who leads the general oversight of daily operations, programming, and vision for the organization.  Julie is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Nicaragua 2001-2003 and lived, worked and studied in Kenya and Egypt prior to her service.  Julie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her Masters in Organizational Leadership from College of Saint Mary.

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Secretary, GIRLPowR Inc.

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Treasurer, GIRLPowR Inc.

Carney Funnah is Assistant Vice President of Product Management at Assurant, with 20+ years of experience in the insurance/mortgage servicing industry.  She was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, and owns a small e-commerce business.  She has an associates degree in Marketing and Communications.  Through the experience of raising a daughter in Lincoln that faced challenges associated with equality in education, as well as exposure to the lack of access to education and resources available on an international level during personal and professional travel, she is very passionate about the Mission of GIRLPowR.

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Board Member, GIRLPowR Inc.

Megan Gibbs was a small business owner in the Lincoln-area, owning fitness facilities and managing training programs prior to her career in Financial Advising.  She also served as an adjunct professor teaching athletic and personal training certification courses.  Megan achieved her Bachelor or Science degree in Dietetics from th University of Central Arkansas. 

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Board Member, GIRLPowR Inc.

Hannah Tehee is

currently in her first year as a therapist in the field. She graduated from Doane University with a Master of Arts in Counseling. Tehee loves her work at Touchstone (short-term residential facility) assisting individuals who are struggling with mental health and substance use. Her non-profit experiences include working at Friendship Home as a women's advocate, Stepping Stones as a family advocate, and working with the Lincoln Food Bank and People's City Mission. Tehee was recently selected to serve on the Nebraska Counseling Association board as the President-elect-elect, and she is currently serving as the Alumni Chair for a student board for Doane University's Master in Arts in Counseling program (Leadership and Advocacy). 

When Hannah is not working, you can find her catching up with friends on the weekend over brunch, watching documentaries at the local Mary Ross theatre, getting outdoors, and as of recently studying for the NCE state exam!

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Board Member, GIRLPowR Inc.

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Samantha Petersen (coming soon)

Board Member, GIRLPowR Inc.

Laura Hays is a professional in the Property and Casualty Insurance sector. As a sales executive for a Fortune 100 Insuror, she enjoys opportunities to make meaningful connections and mentor relationships with professionals in and outside of the industry. Having worked with Professional Women’s organizations as a mentor and to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, Laura also enjoys bringing thoughtfulness and experience to promoting youth empowerment with GIRLPowR.

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Board Member, GIRLPowR Inc.

Aleah Alt is a Supportive Housing Family Advocate (Case Manager) at Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders County.  She has experience facilitating groups at the Belmont Elementary after-school GIRLPowR girls club in partnership with Community Learning Centers where she previously worked as a Special Education Paraeducator with Lincoln Public Schools. Alt has 5 years of experience as a Crisis Response Contractor with CenterPointe and currently conducting internship hours at Centerpointe Outpatient Services.  Alt earned her Associates of Applied Science degree from Southeast Community College, majoring in Human Services, Bachelor of Science degree in Human Relations at Doane College, and currently continuing her academic journey with graduate studies to earn a Master of Arts in Counseling (PLDAC/ LMHP) at Doane University, preparing to graduate in May 2022. Additionally, Alt worked as an intern and advocate of children and families at People's City Mission and Friendship Home. Aleah has a 7-year-old son along with her bonus sons. Aleah’s passions include art, music, and writing and she hopes to include Art Therapy and EMDR in the future. Aleah believe’s that everyone deserves for their voice to be heard, their journey to be validated, their strengths recognized, and to receive compassionate support along the way.

Club Teachers & Interns

Program Coordinator & Club Teacher

Lizette Alcantara Gonzalez coordinates and leads GIRLPowR's Nicaragua program and is the head teacher for the GIRLPowR girls empowerment groups in Kumaica Sur, Nicaragua.  Born and raised in Nicaragua, Lizette worked as a pre-school teacher at the local primary school and is an emerging community leader.  Lizette is a recent undergraduate of the Instituto Nacional Technologico (INATEC) in Boaco, Nicaragua with a degree in Public Accounting and Finance.  Lizette, herself, was a participant in the girls empowerment program that current Executive Director (prior Peace Corps volunteer), Julie Reager taught in Kumaica 2001-2003.  Lizette enjoys spending time with her friends, helping her mother at home, reading, traveling and exploring educational and professional development opportunities.

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Club Teacher

Zahelle (Zae) Yebe (coming soon) 

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Social Media Volunteer

Ellie Clarke (coming soon)

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Administrative Volunteer

Patty Tucker