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Job Openings:

GIRLPowR Club Teacher Job Description

Link here

GIRLPowR Board of Directors Members at Large and Secretary

Email here for more information

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GIRLPowR is always seeking volunteer and intern applicants!  To inquire about volunteer and intern opportunities, click on ACT NOW below.  We are interested in like-minded activists like you to advocate for girls and women's rights around the world. Make CHANGE happen! We'd also love for you to share your wisdom. Send your links and ideas to us!

Raise (Fun)ds

For those who like to give anonymously, please feel free to contact us or click on the donate button below. For those social butterflies who don't mind the public eye, we welcome you: schools, churches, businesses, clubs, civic organizations and individuals to organize a fundraiser, such as 'Build a Backpack' or girls uniform shoes drive. Please contact us at GIRLPowR to start organizing your fundraiser today!


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